French Breakfast

Croissant , 2 crepes rolls with strawberry jam


Duo of crepes

1crepe with honey and 1 with sugar with maple syrup on top


Our favorite Big French breakfast

Croissant , 2 crepes rolls with strawberry jam and a French toast


Crepe Buckwheat breakfast

Buckwheat crepe with 2 eggs , mozzarella cheese , and

one choice of ham , crispy bacon , turkey, sausages links,

tomatoes or smoked salmon


Our favorite Sweet en Sour breakfast

Buckwheat crepe with 2 eggs , mozzarella cheese , and one choice of

ham,  crispy bacon , turkey, sausages links , tomatoes or smoked salmon

 with one little sweet crepe

(white crepe with sugar and maple syrup on side ).


The gourmet croissant

Butter croissant filled up with melted cheese , 2 scrambles eggs ,

one choice of crispy bacon , sausages or Ham.


French tartine

French baguette toasted served with butter and jam.



Prices between $ 5: 69 to $ 9:99






Sautees potatoes

French Toast

Side bacon , sausages links , ham , turkey or tomatoes


2 crepes rolls with strawberry jam

Side sweet crepe (sugar with maple syrup on side)


                                             Prices between $ 2: 59 to $ 3:99  






Sugar crepe sugar


Butter sugar crepe   Buttered with sugar


Strawberry  jam crepe strawberry jam


Raspberry or Blackberry jam crepe


Marmelade crepe Orange marmalade


Chocolate crepe chocolate sauce and almonds


Cacao crepe chocolate sauce and walnuts


Honey crepe Honey and walnuts


Lemon crepe lemon juice and sugar


Nutella nutella


Fruit crepe Red fruits, pears , banana, almonds


Fruit crepe with nutella


Cinnamon crepe cinnamon               , sugar


Apple Cinnamon crepe Apple sauce , cinnamon  , whipped cream


St marteen crepe Banana , Nutella , whipped cream


Martinique crepe Banana , chocolat sauce , whipped cream


Cap cod crepe Apple sauce , caramel , whipped cream


Creole crepe Coconut , chocolat sauce , whipped cream


Antigua crepe Pears , chocolat sauce , whipped cream


Haiti crepe Banana , chocolat sauce , cinnamon , almonds ,whipped cream


Our flambées            Suzette crepe orange marmelade, flambée with grand marnier


 Jamaica crepe Banana flambée with rhum


      Normandy crepe Pears flambée with Cognac


Our favorites Ooh la la crepe ( Profiterole chocolat or caramel)

Vanilla ice cream, chocolat sauce or caramel, whipped cream


Bahamas Vanilla ice cream , red fruits , whipped cream


Black forest crepe Red fruits , chocolate sauce ,whipped cream .

Prices between $ 4: 79 to $ 9:99


Our crème brulée          $ 8:00






Our Salads

Served with French vinaigrette homemade on side.



House Salad

Salad , sliced tomatoes , blue cheese , walnuts


Nicoise salad

Salad , sliced tomatoes , tuna , artichokes , Hard boiled egg , potatoes ,

anchovies, onions , olives .


Country Salad

Salad , sliced tomatoes , turkey , crispy bacon, hard boiled eggs, croutons.


Ocean Salad

Salad , sliced tomatoes , smoked salmon , toasts , sour cream , lemon


Naples Salad

Salad, sliced tomatoes , prosciutto , provolone, olive oil


Island Salad

Salad, sliced tomatoes ,chicken, olives ,onions , Parmesan


Bistrot Salad

Salad , sliced tomatoes , Ham , Swiss cheese , egg , onions, olives .


Prices between $ 8: 49 to $ 10:99






Served with salad and sliced tomatoes


Quiche Lorraine

 Ham and cheese


Quiche Veggie

 Ratatouille ( mixed vegetable) and cheese


And more …

Whole quiche to go ( Advanced order suggested)






Wine chef suggestion



Escargots du café


Lobster ‘scargots


French Onion Soup and its croutons with cheese


Plancha de  Bruschettas


Plancha de  Cochonnade Assortment of Charcuterie


Assiette de pâté ( Homemade )


Stuffed tomato with Tuna or Chicken

Tomato stuffed with homemade mayonnaise and choice of tuna or chicken

 served on bed of salad


Hot brie Salad

Salad , sliced tomatoes, Brie cheese on toast with honey


Burrata Plancha

Creamy mozzarella , tomatoes with toasted bread , olive oil and balsamic vinegar


Lox – Bagel Platter

Bagel , smoked Salmon , cream cheese , tomatoes , red onions , capers


Cheese plate

Assortment of cheese served with French baguette



                              Prices between $ 7: 89 to $ 12:00





are served with Salad, sliced tomatoes and Homemade French vinaigrette on side



Croque Monsieur

White bread toasted , melted cheese , ham


Croque Madame

White bread toasted , melted cheese , ham with an egg up on top



 In French baguette, Crispy bacon , salad , tomatoes , onions and mayonnaise



French baguette, ham , Swiss cheese


Saucisson Beurre

French baguette, Butter , Salami, Sopressata


Key west

French baguette, prosciutto, provolone , tomatoes, olive oil



French baguette, tomatoes, tuna, hard-boiled egg , onions , olives, mayonnaise



French baguette, tomatoes, turkey or chicken ,olives , onions


Le Campagne

French baguette, homemade pâté and cornichons


French hot dog

French baguette, melted cheese and sausages


French burger

French baguette, ground sirloin , Swiss cheese , tomatoes , onions, cheese


Open Face Tuna Melt

French baguette with tuna , mayonnaise and melted cheese



French baguette, brie cheese , smoked salmon



Prices between $ 7: 99 to $ 10:99





with organic buckwheat flour

served with Salad, tomatoes and Homemade French vinaigrette on side


House Buck

Mozzarella cheese, ham or turkey, a sunny side up egg


British Buck

Mozzarella cheese, ham , mushrooms, a sunny side up egg


Toulouse Buck

Mozzarella cheese , Spinach , tomato sauce, onions , sausages


Popeye Buck

Spinach , hard boiled egg , sour cream


Green Buck

Spinach , blue cheese , sour cream


Veggie Buck

Ratatouille (mixed vegetables cooked homemade), onions , mushrooms , spinach


South Buck

Ratatouille , bacon , a sunny side up egg


Provence Buck

Ratatouille , chicken , onions


Canadian Buck

Artichoke , sour cream , smoked salmon.


Mexican Buck

Mozzarella cheese , chicken , salsa, onions , olives , sour cream


Country Buck

blue cheese , sour cream , prosciutto , walnuts


Farmer Buck

Ground sirloin, blue cheese, sour cream


Super Buck

Mozzarella cheese , Ground sirloin , tomato sauce , bacon, up egg


American Buck

Ground sirloin , ketchup , onions , a sunny side up egg


Italian gratin Buck’

Ground sirloin, mushrooms, tomato sauce sour cream , cheese melted.


Buffalo gratin Buck’

Ground sirloin, mushrooms, brie, sour cream , cheese melted


Cheese Buck’

Mozzarella, brie , blue cheese , sour cream.

 Prices between $ 8: 69 to $ 10:89




Triple scoop Vanilla ice cream

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream


Long boat key

Vanilla ice cream , chocolate sauce , whipped cream


Anna Maria

Pears ,vanilla ice cream, strawberry jam, almonds ,  whipped cream


Shell island

Pears ,Vanilla ice cream , chocolate sauce , almonds ,  whipped cream


Key Largo

Banana ,vanilla ice cream , strawberry jam, almonds , whipped cream



Pears , Banana ,vanilla ice cream , coconut, chocolate sauce , whipped cream  





One white crepe with cheese and choice of one egg , ham , turkey or sausage

Add one scoop vanilla ice cream or 1 sweet crepe ( sugar with maple syrup on side)






Coffee regular or decaf (refill)


Ours specials Coffees


Double expresso

Latte ( expresso ,milk )

Viennois (Expresso , whipped cream)

Moka ( expresso ,milk , chocolate)


Hot chocolat

Hot tea , Decaf hot tea

Aroma tea



Champagne and breakfast

Our mimosa   (Champagne, Orange juice )

Our kir  ( White wine , crème de berry )

Our kir royal ( Champagne , crème de berry )

Bottle of champagne


OUR BEERS  : Budlight , Budweiser , Stella artois , Stella Cider .